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The First Jousting Tournament

Take a look at some video of our first joust.

The first joust took place during a landsailing trip to Wyoming. We laid out the list using three 50' pieces of rope staked to the ground. Unfortunately, neither of us had assembled armour, so we decided to go for it anyway. It only hurts 'til the hurt goes away.

The first order of contention turned out to be lance design. I had taken great pains to build a lance, using various chunks and diameters of foam noodle to fashion a handle with a comfortable grip as well as a hand guard. On the other hand, my opponent simply jammed a foam noodle tip onto the PVC pipe and called it good. There was some debate over the legality of my design; in the end it was allowed, most likely due to the fact that I wrote the rules.


After that was cleared up it was time to joust. A joustmaster was appointed and we were ready. We took our places at opposite ends of the list and charged on. Now, you would think that it would be relatively easy to aim a lance and strike your opponent in the chest, after all we are not going very fast nor is the opponent very far away. Wrong! It turns out to be very difficult to hit the target. It was also tough to stay in bounds. However, it is a total blast.


I did not make it around to the start line so Dennis took a victory run.
I paid him back next round.
Lionel and Dave were up next.

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