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The Official Rules

Hear Ye, Hear ye!

A Proclamation Announcing:

Ye Olde Noodle Jousting Rules

Let it now be known that from henceforth that these shall be the official and final (somewhat) Rules and Regulations for all jousting Competitions and Tournaments.


The following olde officials should be in place to monitor the tournament:

Ye Olde Joustmaster:
Prior to a joust, a joustmaster shall be appointed if possible. Ye olde joustmaster will oversee the joust and make decisions regarding rules, points, infractions, and decorum. Ye olde joustmaster will also set starting times and determine the amount of time a desteeded knight has to regain his mount.

Ye Olde Judges:
Two judges should be selected to monitor the lanes on the list and award points according to the scoring system. They will report to ye olde joustmaster.

In the event ye olde joustmaster or ye olde judges are  unavailable, ye olde jousters will have to abide by the rules and behave honorably.


Ye olde jousters shall be properly equipped and suitably protected as follows.


Lance shall consist of an inner core of 1” PVC pipe, with a foam noodle tip. Handle design is left to ye olde individual combatants.


Ye olde jousters shall be mounted on a CycoCycle.


Ye olde jousters must wear a helm to protect ye olde cranium and ye olde grey matter contained therein.
Eye and face protection are recommended but not required.
Upper Body Armour is required, ye olde bones need protection. A minimum of chest, back and shoulder armour is standard.
Elbow and knee pads highly recommended.
Gloves are optional.
Ye olde armour must be acquired second hand, otherwise it be ye new armour. Armour may also be created from scratch.

Ye olde Combat Rules:

The List:

The list shall be laid out and marked upon ye olde surface. The list shall consist of two lanes denoted by three parallel lines or markings, with a dividing line in the center and boundary markings on each side. If a knight or his steed cross or contact any of the markings, the olde combatant shall be considered out of bounds and points shall be awarded to his olde foe.  Markings shall be agreed upon by ye olde jousters.

The Joust:

Tournaments shall begin on time. Ye olde joustmaster shall determine the starting time. Ye olde knights shall be prepared to helm up and charge on at that  agreed upon time. If ye olde knight be not ready, he shall be penalized one olde point.
Ye olde knights shall begin the jousting run at opposite ends of the list, holding ye olde lances in a raised position. At the sound of the horn, they shall proceed towards ye olde opponent. Lances shall be lowered after beginning the run, aiming for and  attempting to vanquish ye olde foe.

Ye olde point system:

Ye olde knights shall be awarded points for the following:

Striking ye olde foe in ye olde chest with the tip of the lance = 1 point

Causing ye olde foe to touch a foot down = 2 points

Driving ye olde foe out of bounds = 5 points

Desteeding ye olde foe= 10 points
Ye olde knights are considered desteeded when either:
Ye olde knight falls to the ground, causing any part of his olde body to contact the ground other than his feet,
Both feet touch the ground and ye olde knight's olde butt fails to maintain contact with the saddle. In the event of a desteeding, the fallen olde knight must be able to resteed and continue combat within a previously agreed upon time frame or he forfeits the round.

Ye olde knights must continue their run to the opposite end of the list without going out of bounds, stopping, or placing both feet on the ground (this includes placing one foot at a time, both feet need not be on the ground at the same time); failure to do so will result in the opponent being awarded 5 points.

Striking ye olde foe in ye olde head = 5 point deduction

Lances may be tossed at any time after contact.

A round shall consist of five runs.
A match shall consist of three rounds. Ye olde knight who wins two rounds shall be ye olde victor.

So, now that you know the rules, let's see some jousting.

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