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How it all began

So, we were sitting around in the desert having a bull session. One of the people who was camped near us came by riding on a CycoCycle. Since we are all basically big kids, we all had to try it out. Turns out it is a lot of fun, although somewhat challenging to ride.

Not sure how, but the subject of jousting came up. As the conversation went on, unbeknownst to the rest of us, Dave had snuck off to his RV. All of a sudden, he appears, wearing a thrift store helmet, riding my homemade big wheel and using the top half of a mast for a lance. We were all laughing so hard it was painful.


Anyway, the idea for jousting was born. We tossed around various ideas for lances, obviously not looking to actually cause bodily harm to our friends. We finally arrived at using foam swimming noodles, mounted on a piece of PVC pipe.

So the next item was to establish Ye Olde Rules.


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